Reddit Redesign

Reddit is one of the most popular websites on the internet, however, the website and the app overall can be very confusing and hard to navigate until you spend a decent amount of time with it. The truth is some people simply do not have the patience to work with a website like that. With this in mind, my partner and I created a new onboarding system for new users on mobile devices.


Through surveys, interviews, competitor research, and market research we found out a few things. This included that our target audience was a young adult audience; the majority being white males. We also found out that people didn't like how busy the homepage was with little to no guidance on how to use it. Interviews revealed that people who kept using Reddit eventually enjoyed the layout but had to either get help from friends or used it for a long time before becoming comfortable.


We decided that it was crucial to create some sort of optional onboarding system that guided new users through the basics in 10 steps or less.


The first iteration went well but through testing, we found a few simple tweaks that would crucially help the design. This included having the optional 101 in multiple places, changing the exit button, and increasing the text size.


Our final product was a simple Reddit 101. The user had the chance to partake in this when they first signed on. This would help the user understand how to use and navigate through Reddit. View the Prototype Here