The Cool Catz of Jazz Alley

I had this idea to do a children's book about catz that liked to dance and party to classic jazz music. I always loved children's books as a kid and I think some of my favorite examples of wonderful art are from children's books. This idea was heavily influenced by historical names in jazz music such as Louis Armstrong and Herbie Hancock and stories such as Aristocats. Overall it was so much fun to write, illustrate and put together and I learned so much about storytelling through this experience.



This was the first project that I have ever done that was Illustration Heavy. Because of that, I had to do a lot of research on illustrative skills and finding a style before going into making the storyboarding process. I ended up finding a style in Photoshop that worked perfectly for the colorful story I had in mind. Next was storyboarding which ended up being a lot more fun than anticipated.


One of my favorite parts of this was adding easter eggs about the historical jazz musicians from the past. I printed and put the books together myself using the perfect bind style which was also very fun to do. One I wish to publish these for everyone to own, but for now, there are only about a dozen hard copies. I hope to make some more soon!