Airbnb Greenhost Program

For my UX Capstone project I had the opportunity to work with Airbnb developing ideas and programs in order to move Arbnb forward with meaningful Eco-Friendly and sustainable efforts. Our group had the prompt "How might Airbnb encourage and enable hosts around the world to adopt sustainable practices?".


We started our research with a survey in order to find out travelers' opinions on sustainability and eco friendliness. Our survey found that that Airbnb hosts are not that established when it comes to sustainability. We were able to interview a current host of Airbnb who tries to be eco friendly by managing its electricity use remotley along with offering small things, such as having recycle bins, compost bins and non plastic items. They suggested that Airbnb reduce their hosts fees based on how sustainable the hosts are trying to be. So, in order to gain more hosts in becoming sustainable, they need an incentive.


So after going through our research and interviews we were able to identify three key pain points that hosts go through when it comes to being eco friendly. From identifying these three pain points, and conducting our research we were able to come up with a program that will help encourage hosts to become more eco friendly. With those goals in mind we were able to create our promise statement.


Introducing the Greenhost program, a system that helps hosts make eco-friendly changes for their spaces and then get rewards once they complete those changes. It’s heavily based off of the already existing Superhost program but focuses on sustainable living rather than hospitality. View the Prototype Here