Aunt Flo App Design

Aunt Flo was a group project to combat a common problem on campus. That problem is when women or people who use menstural products find themselves in public without products amid an 'emergency'. This app provided a platform for people to connect with others who are in need or could help provide products when an 'emergency' hit. Users have the option to either GIVE or RECEIVE. If users need to Receive products, they enter in what products they need, how urgent the situation is, and where they want to meet. After that, other users in the area will see that they are in need and can send a request to help them. If the offer is accepted the app then directs the Receiver and the Giver to the designated meeting spot to exchange the products. Those who choose to Give and help others would then get compensation in the form of gift cards for personal care.


The issue that we wanted to bring forward through research was how often people find themselves without products in public. With this subject being so taboo, it makes it difficult to ask for help unless there are close friends nearby who just happened to have extra products on them. Our research also revealed what users would end up doing when they find themselves without products, most outcomes being uncomfortable or impractical.


My role in the group had to do with a lot of the first iterations of how the app would look and work. Our two main features are GIVE and RECEIVE which are the largest and most obvious options when you first open the map. Our paper user testing revealed that a lot of our windows needed a more clear way to exit out or confirm windows in the app. We also realized that a simple home screen is better, people often feel overwhelmed or confused when a home screen is busy with lots of inputs. In the end, the best route was a UX design that was as simple and straightforward as possible, this allowed for the exchange of products as fast, discreet, and comfortable as possible.


A lot of our design inspiration came from map-based apps such as Google Maps or Uber that allow an easy approach to finding each other for the product exchange. We wanted the design choices to project an app that was friendly, welcoming, and comfortable. The name 'Aunt Flo' aludes to a funny name for women's menstrual cycle but also gives the feeling that this app is here to take care of you as a family member would.