Blend Coffee, Tea & Self Care

I started this project purely to focus on creating a brand identity for Packaging Design. The idea behind 'Blend' was a twist on the traditional American Coffee shop. Tea and coffee consumers can be ecstatic about their favorite drinks, especially in the Pacific Northwest. Another recent popular activity is skin self-care which comes in many methods these days. So why not make self-care products out of your favorite drinks?


I wanted to combine two styles to create a cultural and environmental fusion. American coffee houses are industrial and stylish which makes them entertaining and enjoyable. Japanese tea houses are simplistic and raw, making them calming and motivational. The idea was to combine these two styles to create 'Blend' a fusion of styles, drinks, and self-care. Of course, the logo had to encompass those ideas but also be memorable. Since I wanted Blend to be fun, I decided to create the Blend mascot "Snek", an animal that often hangs around in tea bushes and coffee trees. The fun part about the logo is that multiple versions relate to different parts of the business and essentially 'blending' them together into one brand.


The layout of the packaging is where the industrial style shines through. I wanted to use patterns to visually represent different flavors. For each product, each flavor has its own pattern on the brown paper packaging. Then to top it off, each package has its own personalized Snek showing how enjoyable the product is. I loved making the brand illustration-heavy because it allowed me to practice digital illustration and added a delicacy to the packaging. The ink illustrations paired with the industrial layout make for a fun and clean packaging display.


Blend is suppose to be a fun but productive area. The enviornment is open to anyone whether they wanted to come to study or come to enjoy the company of others. Its kind of intended to be a interesting and cool meeting place for people to hang out. The presence of the mascot also introduces a character for you to grow attached to and enjoy through fun merchandise.