Salt House Mercantile

The Salt House Mercantile is a boutique from Bainbridge Island filled with things for the home. Its audience is very much for middle-class women looking for bougie farmhouse-themed items to spruce up their kitchen, bathroom, living room, etc. It is the kind of store where you want to buy everything as soon as you walk in but can only afford one or two items.


The main logo is legible but also fancy and feminine. It was inspired to look like the holes atop of a salt shaker and was used for stationary, store signs, price tags, etc. The alternative logo is a little more abstract and was influenced by the image of salt being brushed off a table. While this isn't as legible, it's very fun and stylish which is more appropriate for merchandise or other personalized items.


Most of the mock-ups were based on how the items would look on the shelves in the store. At the time there was no online shopping so the presentation was very important to me. To keep a high-class atmosphere, the branding guide colors stayed in black and white. All of the designs were themed to be a fusion of a clean farmhouse with the salty shoreline, very authentic to Bainbridge itself.


As mentioned before, at the time that I did the rebrand, the store didn't have an online shop available. Because of this, I decided to focus on how the packaging would look displayed on the shelves in the store. I also got to implement my storytelling of the area by mimicking waves and water while still looking like it could be salt and sand. This was to represent the waves and shores off of the island and main shore coast. It gave more meaning and was an interesting and clean visual to create.