Salt House Mercantile

A little boutique with lots of home goods based off of Bainbridge Island, Washington. Every mom and their mom would love this store; quality merchandise with a pacific northwest coastline feeling.


Clarendon Express

Take a trip through an old London train station and discover the many uses of the typeface Clarendon. Learn about its origins, its characteristics, and enjoy the experience of traveling by train in the old days.


Dance and Mental Health

A documentary about six different dancers and their journeys within the Dance World and how that has affected them and their Mental Health. A huge passion project using photography as the main design element to tell these dancers stories. Photographs, writing, and design are all done by me in Adobe XD.

UX App Design

Aunt Flo

Aunt Flo is an app that provides users a platform to request menstrual products when an emergency occurs. Perfect for college campuses, large businesses, gyms, and other large cooperations.


Cool Catz of Jazz Alley

A fun story about Cool Catz that like to party and the things that go on in Jazz Alley. An amazing experience on storytelling and expression using digital illustration.


Reddit App Redesign

Reddit is one of the most popular websites on the internet, so why do so many people turn away from the busy homepage? A redesign of the Reddit App focusing on UX and improving pain points.


Virtual Reality vs Traditional Game Mediums

A scientific experiment about how Immersion, Presence, Emotion, & Workload differ in Virtual reality and Traditional Game Mediums. The project goal was to take a written article and to produce something that would be interesting to read.


Airbnb Sustainable Program

A way for hosts to transition their spaces into Eco-Friendly and sustainable living spaces while also moving Airbnb forward with their efforts to transition into a fully sustainable company.

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